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It really is quite amazing how quick the domestic football season passes by at such a speed without us even noticing and for us, it really does not seem like it was five minutes ago since we were glued to our television sets awaiting the outcome of a grueling 2014 World Cup Final in Brazil after seeing Brazil famously thrashed 7-1 by the eventual World Cup winners Germany. Sadly as the common proverb goes, all good things must come to an end. Luckily for us however, if the past is anything to go by we should be set for an exciting end to the season in the major leagues throughout European Football. In recent years, some would say we have been lucky to witness such sporting history take place in-front of our very eyes taking place at the business end of the football season. And of course, everybody will have their own memories, both good and bad of their individual team in the final stages of previous league campaigns.

Whether it be Sergio Aguero’s famous last minute goal in the dying embers of Manchester City’s season finale match against Queens Park Rangers in May 2012 to clinch the title out of Manchester United’s hands, the infamous Carlos Tevez saga involving West Ham United & Sheffield United relegation to the second tier of English football, West Bromwich Albion’s great escape under Bryan Robson or simply just the widely-reported food poisoning bug of 2006 which Tottenham Hotspur fans argue cost them a place in Europe in the 2006/07 season, everybody has their own memories. But regardless of which of your own personal memories stand out most clearly for you, it’s fair to say who knows what the rest of the 2014/15 has in store for your average football fan. One thing however we can be certain about however is to expect the unexpected.

But of course, the end of the season isn’t just all about the roller-coaster ride that the final few games often produces and in more regularly than not, it is often a time for reflection among football fans about how the season has gone for their respective team.. Therefore we at TalkingTikiTaka have decided to embark on a challenge to speak to as many genuine fans and expert supporters of any team from any football league throughout European football and ask them everything about their teams season both on and off the pitch, via the means of Twitter. We plan to not simply just host a discussion via e-mail in the form of a written interview regarding anything from tactics, to key results and managerial decisions that have taken place, but we also hope to look at the wider issues both on the pitch with the questioning of individual players and events that may have occurred throughout the 14/15 season combined with a look at some of the important external events that have so often dominated the headlines away from player performances, off the pitch.

Therefore if you’re a die-hard football fan with an extensive knowledge, inside and out, of your supported team regardless at what level they are competing at in European Football and any of the above sounds like something you would like to get involved with, then we would obviously be more than happy for genuine football fans like yourself to join us in our new ‘TalkingTikiTaka talks to…’ section of our website.

Please click to here to contact us via Twitter to find out more information about how you can get involved, today!

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