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Monaco’s win over Arsenal: A blackout or more than just that?

Article written by: @BrazilStats

The Premier League is regarded by many football fans as the best league in the world, but the worrying form of English clubs in European competitions raises many question marks towards this point of view. And whilst it is true that the league is inevitably very competitive and that every side contains various well known players, it remains a mystery for the “arrogant” English press, why their teams fail to perform against foreign sides.

Despite being fourth in the French league and having the youngest side among the sixteen teams to have qualified for the Champions League Round of 16, with an average age of 24.1 years per player, Monaco were still able to cause an unbelievable upset in London, against one of the league’s finest teams – Arsenal. The way in which the English press dealt with the tie against the French outfit ahead of kickoff, seemingly suggested that Arsenal were as good as through; which turned out to be very different from reality. English press still lives in an illusion, which affects the mentality of English football fans who watch the beautiful game.

The fact that the likes of Marcelo, who supposedly ‘cannot defend’, and Neymar, who ‘isn’t physical enough’, are considered by many, to ‘not have the quality to play in the Premier League’, while they are able to be key players for teams stronger than any English side, is not something that will make English teams better than they actually are. The reality is very different to that.

While most English fans would probably prefer to have a Luke Shaw in their team over a Marcelo, or preferred to have a James Milner on their side, two years ago, over “You Tube boy” Neymar, reflects how much many in England are stuck in their own world, thinking that what fits their league the best, must be the best. If English football fans were perhaps more open minded towards other methods, instead of insisting that their beliefs are completely correct and refusing to import ideas and styles of football from different areas of the footballing globe, maybe English teams and the English National Team itself would start achieving better results in Europe and in major competitions. I mean, being different does not necessarily mean worse. In order to be successful, being humble is a must. It’s time for some in England to accept the idea that maybe their tactics and styles of play are no longer the best. Life never ends, and there is always something new to learn.

No English side are able to outclass the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona or even Bayern Munchen. As a matter of fact, no English side currently is strong enough to play an open game against these sides. The only English side which is capable of knocking European giants, would perhaps be Chelsea. But for that, they would have to do it in the [very] ugly and increasingly typical way. And is that how English fans want their league to be regarded as the best, by not having any other choice against top foreign teams, other than parking the bus?

I believe it is now time for English Premier League lovers to stop living in the past, broaden their horizons and to accept new footballing ideas.

Article written by: @BrazilStats

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