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Ligue 1: A look at one of France’s Finest Finishers

Article written by: @KaliemSims3

After establishing himself in Olympique Lyon’s youth setup for seven years leading up to 2010 following his previous background at ELCS Lyon, Alexandre Lacazette has developed into a force within the ranks of French League football and has proved that in terms of goals scored, he is more than capable of staying within touching distance of the formidable Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Paris Saint-Germain. But for those unaware of the striker every club will be linked with this Summer, I presume you’ll be wondering what the big fuss is all about and quite frankly why I’m discussing him today?

Well, it’s simple. Any player that can boast a record of twenty one goals and five assists in twenty four league games fully deserves the plaudits and credits that the Lyon striker is currently receiving.  Clearly, it is easy to say that French forward has undoubtedly made a significant impact throughout Ligue 1 and has most definitely sent a shiver down the spine of every defender he has come up against.

Some debates have sparked however with regard to his impressive goal scoring record, with many critics stating that the Ligue 1 simply isn’t a prestigious enough league and fails to offer a faster pace or a tougher standard of football that the Premier League offers for example. Critics say this therefore restricts Alexandre Lacazette and that his impressive goal-scoring record can’t be used as a true example of his talent until he tests himself in what many would perceive as a faster and tougher competition. Yet we must remember in the face of scepticism that Ligue 1 itself boasts a wide range of players who have proven their worth in other leagues and regularly make an impact when called upon. Olympique Lyonnais join the likes of Paris Saint Germain, Marseille and AS Monaco as the most recognised teams in the league with all of these contingents having players who are both highly acclaimed and renowned worldwide, including a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedish striker we all know, love and admire has proven for every team he’s played for that as a striker, he always asserts himself as a genuine force in the respective league he is competing in. However different to previous years of reigning supreme not solely at PSG but in Ligue 1 too, the current league campaign has Alexandre Lacazette match the Swede not just for goals scored but match-winning performances for Lyon. Infact the Frenchman has surpassed the Swede who many would have considered his most potent rival for the coveted golden boot award, with the Swede currently sitting on a total of eleven goals at the time of writing – ten goals behind Lacazette! This really is astounding for a player of Zlatan’s calibre, consistency and character to be firmly outmuscled by somebody like Lacazette, and this truly is testament to how good the Frenchman has been this season.

And with the Lyon striker showing no signs of backing down, the sky is the limit for Alexandre Lacazette. With the amount of matches left in the 2014/15 Ligue 1 season set to enter single figures in a matter of games, the close battle between Lyon and PSG, between …. and Laurent Blanc (managers) and more importantly, between Alexandre Lacazette and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, really does look set to go down to the wire. But with the form Alexandre Lacazette is in, we as football fans know that if the French forward can maintain his impeccable recent form, then as a consequence Lyon’s push for the title will look ever more convincing. And at a tender age of twenty-three years old, it’s safe to say that this young talent will one day venture out into the crazy world of stardom and European football very soon, surely establishing himself among the greats. So sit back but remember to hold on tight, Lacazette is coming and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Article written by: @KaliemSims3

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